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The Moncton IX Announces Service Activation at Fibre Centre

Peering is Available in New Brunswick, Canada

MONCTON, Jan. 22, 2018 /CNW/ - The Moncton Internet Exchange (IX) announced today that its peering and interconnection services are active and available for the Internet networking community. This marks the first Internet Exchange to be in existence in the province of New Brunswick, ushering in a new era of localized, high-bandwidth, low-latency access at a lower cost than traditional transit.

Over the past several months the Moncton IX has gone through design and engineering phases and now moving to installation and turn-up. In addition, much work with key network operators in the local region has been done to develop new services based on the availability of the Internet Exchange. Although numerous Internet Protocol (IP) based networks peer on IX's across the globe on a daily basis, this technical function and the business construct that it enables are still very new to Moncton, as it is to any market, or region that has not yet experienced it.

One of the first networks to connect to the Moncton IX will be CIRA. CIRA will provide direct access to their .CA Domain Name Service (DNS) registry across the Moncton IX peering fabric. This will enable all IP networks searching for a .CA address to resolve the location of that address in much less time thus enabling the session results to be much faster. This translates to webpages loading much faster and online service application speeds being dramatically improved.

"The adoption process of an IX in a new market takes time," stated Jacques Latour, Chief Technology Officer, CIRA. "The Moncton IX is following in those same footsteps and shows great promise for the future of the Canadian Internet."

Several commercial and enterprise IP-based networks are already present within Fibre Centre, the neutral colocation facility that hosts the Moncton IX. The coming weeks and months will see these networks connect to the IX and begin exchanging IP traffic locally in Moncton, keeping Canadian Internet traffic in Canada and keeping that IP traffic from having to leave the province and, or country. This is a significant step forward and a trend that will continue for the indefinite future.

"As content and end users continue to seek shorter and more cost effective paths to and between each other, more IX's, such as the Moncton IX, will be created," explained Hunter Newby, co-owner of Fibre Centre. "The Internet Exchange is an essential component of a neutral interconnection facility and is welcomed by mobile and fixed line network operators as well as the Over-The-Top (OTT) content providers, as it helps them to meet their key financial and operational goals and objectives."

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