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Fibre Centre takes the privacy of its users seriously. We are committed to safeguarding user privacy while providing personalized and valuable services. This Privacy Statement explains the website user data processing and collection practices on Fibre Centre hosted sites.

Information collected – non-personal:

The moment you visit our Site, some non-personal information is collected by Fibre Centre.

We collect information automatically about your visit to our website. The information collected includes basic demographic data and browsing patterns. This information could include:

• Tracking cookies (where your preferences and customizations for browsing our site may be stored)

• The Operating system or platform (PC, Linux, Mac, Mobile etc.) you use

• The web browser you use to access the site

• When and from where you visited the site, how many times and for how long

This information is stored and compiled in non-identifying lists and statistics so that Fibre Centre can:

• Build up audience profiles and compile statistics to then deliver content that is most appropriate for our intended audience

• Develop and expand our content strategically, and to analyze use of our sites in order to keep content relevant and focus on what users consider relevant and important to them

• Provide our funders with real-world statistics

• We may also collect non-personal information every time you use our contact forms to send us an e-mail in order to answer your questions or requests for specific information, as well as compile lists of frequently asked questions to better help tailor our content to your needs

By using this site you consent to the collection of non-personally identifying data for the above purposes.

Information collected – personal

All personal information acquired by Fibre Centre in any format, including electronic, is governed and maintained according to policies and procedures in accordance with New Brunswick’s Right to Information and Protection of Privacy Act. Fibre Centre only collects personally identifying information through e-mails sent to us by you, through registered accounts for services provided by Fibre Centre or other communications (telephone, fax, post etc.) initiated by you. That is, this information must be entirely divulged by you voluntarily and is never ‘gleaned’ from your device without your knowledge or consent.

Use and Disclosure of personal information

Fibre Centre processes personal information collected via its public and private websites for the purposes of:

• Providing a personalized service or customized user experience that is relevant to you

• Responding to requests for information

• Allow follow-up sessions and surveys to be done to gauge the performance of our services

• To assist us in providing you with information about the resources and services available

• Analyzing your opinions, comments and feedback regarding various activities related to Fibre Centre’s hosted services

Fibre Centre will not disclose any of your personally identifying information to any outside parties without your prior consent.

E-mail Query Forms and Surveys

Our sites include e-mail query forms, where you may ask specific questions relating to any portion of Fibre Centre’s Site. The information submitted in these forms is sent by unencrypted, plain-text e-mail from our web server, via the Internet, to the appropriate e-mail mailbox at Fibre Centre.

In order to measure the performance and effectiveness of our services Fibre Centre may also periodically conduct follow up surveys to users of its services. Some of these surveys may be done via 3rd party cloud services. By completing these surveys you consent that your information may be shared with those third parties and agree to be bound by their Terms of Service.

If this is a concern for you or you wish to communicate material of a sensitive nature to us, please consider contacting us directly regarding the use of alternative, secure channels of communication.

Requests for Information

When you submit a request for information to us by our Site, in order to respond to your questions or provide you with relevant information Fibre Centre may be required to share your information with other relevant organizations or individuals partnered with us. If this is the case, Fibre Centre will only do so with your consent.

Fibre Centre will never sell, redistribute or otherwise make public any of your personally identifiable information without your express permission.

Accessing Protected Resources and Services

Where appropriate, Fibre Centre uses secure resources and logins to handle protected and/or sensitive information. To gain access to some resources hosted by Fibre Centre you may be asked to login or to register one or more user accounts. In order to create an account you are required to provide certain pieces of information to Fibre Centre, such as but not limited to, your name and a valid e-mail address.

In order to verify your identity and the legitimacy of a request for an account, you may be contacted by a representative of Fibre Centre. Once you are approved, a username and access code will then be issued to you from Fibre Centre’s site administrators.

When you provide this information you certify that it is correct and complete. By submitting your registration you understand and accept that Fibre Centre may attempt to verify the accuracy of the information you provided before your registration is validated. Fibre Centre reserves the right to refuse your request for access, and may suspend or revoke access, temporarily or permanently, at any time at its sole discretion and without notification.

When registering for some hosted services you may also be required to fill out one or more questionnaires that prove your attempt to create an account is initiated by a human being and not by an automated source.

Once your account is created and you are notified of how to login, you will never be contacted by Fibre Centre or any other party affiliated with Fibre Centre for your login and password information. You should then only divulge personal information using these approved accounts.

Never share your credentials with anyone!

Who has access to my Information?

Depending on the services provided, your information may be shared with 3rd parties associated with Fibre Centre, parties which provide other hosted services for Fibre Centre, our member organizations or other relevant immigrant/settlement serving agencies. When a service provided by Fibre Centre requires your personal information to be shared with anyone outside of our organization, you will be informed during the initial registration process. Be aware that by registering and accepting the Terms of Service of any of our hosted services that you are giving consent for your information to be shared.

While Fibre Centre believes in and practices ethical use and sharing of your information, we can make no guarantees regarding what 3rd parties do with your information. By using our services you agree that Fibre Centre is not responsible for damages or loss of privacy resulting from 3rd parties having access to your information.

Keep in mind that if you do not consent to the sharing of your personal information, you may be unable to use our services.

Retention: How long is my information kept on record?

Information you share with us is at a minimum kept on file for as long as you continue to access and use services provided by us. In addition, it may remain in our records for as long as a particular service requires it. Should a service offered by Fibre Centre be discontinued, be informed that we may continue to retain your information, in whole or in part, indefinitely, for reporting/statistical purposes even if the service no longer exists. By using our services you are considered in agreement with Fibre Centre retaining for our records your information until such time as it is no longer needed or required by Fibre Centre.

You also agree that Fibre Centre may be required to divulge your information to 3rd parties for reporting purposes or to enhance or expand your user experience with those services and consent to us doing so. Your information will continue to be handled by the terms outlined in our Privacy Policy and will never be shared with new parties without your consent.

Should you choose not to consent to sharing your information mid-process, your information will be marked for deletion.

Information you have already shared may still be retained for a period of time until regular maintenance and cleanup cycles permanently remove it from our systems. Until such time as your information is removed from our records, Fibre Centre will never disclose or share your information without your prior consent.

Are there other steps can I take to protect my privacy?

Still concerned about your privacy online? Here are some basic steps you can take to help keep your information private:

• Be informed: always read the Terms of Service (ToS) and Privacy Policies of any site you visit

• Make sure you have a working antivirus/malware scanner that can perform both on demand and background scans of your computer, web browser and e-mail

• Do not open suspicious e-mails or messages from an unknown or unexpected source

• Consider using an e-mail client that supports spam filters or invest in a product which actively protects you from infected and malicious messages, phishing attacks and dangerous external links

• Use a personal firewall or other network intrusion prevention option

• Never allow a web browser or other program to remember a password for you, or if they do, double-check that your credentials are not stored in plain-text

• Use a web browser that supports the latest standards of SSL (secure socket layer) for encrypted site browsing

• When sharing sensitive information such as credit cards, look for the “lock” icon and the green bar in your browser’s address bar indicating a secure SSL connection

• Avoid risky websites and browsing habits

• Never share your credit card, social security number, or other personal information online without first verifying the recipient

• Passwords: use complex passwords that do not contain readily guessable information (such as your address, phone number, date of birth etc.)

• Change your passwords regularly

• Avoid reusing a password over and over for multiple sites or services

• Never write down or store your passwords in files on your computer

• Never send your passwords to yourself or to others by email, text message or other forms of electronic communications

• Do not share login accounts

• Avoid using public or unknown computers when dealing with any sensitive information

• Consider using an encrypted VPN (Virtual Private Network) service for improved privacy

• Only connect to online services using trusted networks: avoid public or unsecured networks and hotspots

• Keep your system up to date with software updates and patches

• Keep your browser plug-ins up to date: some important plug-ins to keep updated are Adobe Flash Player, Adobe Reader and Sun Java

• Consider using web browsers that support “anonymous browsing” features

Keep in mind this is only a general list and following these suggestions in no way guarantees that your information remains secure. Unless you have assurances to the contrary, always assume information you are submitting is not secured.

External Links

Fibre Centre Site sometimes provides links to websites and content hosted outside of Fibre Centre’s Site. In most cases, links to other websites will open in a new browser window or tab. Please note that you may be browsing to ANOTHER website and content and privacy standards therefore are outside the control Fibre Centre. We encourage you to read the privacy statements of these linked sites as their Terms of Service and Privacy Policies may differ from those of Fibre Centre.

Changes in our Policy

Fibre Centre will make every reasonable effort to inform its users of changes to the Terms of Service (ToS) and Privacy Policy. However, please be informed that these policies are subject to change at any time. By continuing to use and access this website and/or any other services hosted by Fibre Centre you consent and agree to abide by the terms outlined within this document.

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